About Me

About Me

Hi my name is Brenda Deguara, I’m a freelance Surface Pattern Designer and the face behind Pattern & Repeat. I was born in a small town called Clady in Northern Ireland. My parents immigrated to Sydney, Australia, when I was three and I now call this place home. Pattern and Repeat was created from my love of Pattern. In 2013, I graduated with diplomas in Surface Design and Graphic Design at ISCD-International School of Colour and Design-winning the industry award for my Swimwear Design, and was highly commended in my Graphic Design work.

Why I Love Pattern

Pattern often brings a smile to your face, creates a treasured memory of a gift chosen with love, it sets the feeling in a home and reminds you of a time from before. When I think of pattern, I think of how it invites you into the world of endless possibilities. When pattern is combined with colour, it creates movement and flow, can be bold and fun, it adds texture and depth, its an illustration on life’s treasures.

How I Create

What I love about designing, is mixing the old with the new, bringing colour to my work and creating something wonderful that you love. I find creativity in my surroundings and you will often find me with a camera in hand or sketchbook in my bag. I like to use my own photography and a mixture of mediums; I also like to create work using the digital process.

It’s the little things

It’s the little things in life that I love the most, it’s the cup of tea my husband makes and puts beside my bed each morning, it’s in the faces of my children, it’s a good book that keeps me turning the pages, it’s the way paint and pens turn a blank page into art, it’s the way fabric feels in my hands, it’s the chit-ta chatter of my girlfriends, it’s the smell of rain after a hot day, it’s when a flower opens all its petals to bloom and it’s in finding that little piece of Serendipity in your own life.